Wall Organizer

 My wall organizer is finally complete! It’s been a project in the works for, oh… forever. I even went as far as to create a Pinterest board devoted solely to my wall organizer. I really wanted to have it completed by the time my son started school, (he’s in Kindergarten!), and I did! Yay me!

My inspiration for this project came from a Martha Stewart organizer featured on the Clean and Scentsible blog and from a Better Homes & Gardens article. From there I gave it my own spin and let it grow. I’m a planner and soon found my vision was way bigger than my wall space and had to pare it down… just a bit.

My organizer consists of a couple of DIY prints I plan to change out seasonally, a wall magazine rack, a pin/magnetic board, a dry-erase calendar and a shelf. I’ll include a list of the items and link to purchase info below. I try not to put too many holes in my walls, so all of the pieces are held by Command strips except for the magazine rack and the framed prints. The Command strips wouldn’t hold the shelf (even though the instructions said they would hold up to eight pounds), so I used Command indoor mounting tape. It’s held pretty well for about three months, but I don’t put anything to heavy on the shelf anyway.

I plan to label each of the mail slots. The screen went out on my current labeler and I’m out of tape so I figured this was the perfect time to buy a new labeler. I decided on the Brother PT-D200 and I’ll get the slots labeled as soon as it get here. Is it sad that I’m really excited about this labeler?

I didn’t realize the week started on Monday when I purchased the dry-erase calendar. I thought it would be no big deal, but it absolutely drives me crazy. I would have taken it back, but I’d already opened it. So… I’ll be changing the days of the week with my new labeler too!

I hope you enjoyed my wall organizer. Working a full time job, and being an active wife and mom, I do whatever it takes to stay organized. My sanity depends on it.



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