Star Wars Bookmarks

One of my favorite craft bloggers is Jennifer McGuire. I absolutely love just about everything she does. This particular project came from a post she did, Quick Die Cut Bookmarks, for teacher appreciation.

My son’s birthday was coming up and I normally send some kind of special treats to daycare/preschool with him. Now that he’s started Kindergarten the rules have changed. His school does not allow any type of sweet treats for birthday/holiday celebration. Crazy right?! So it was my duty, and being the mama that I am, I had to find something different AND fun. I took Jennifer’s idea, gave it a twist and made Star Wars bookmarks. Because who isn’t crazy about Star Wars right now?!

Instead of using a die for my bookmark shape, I created the shape, as well as modified the images and text in Photoshop. I printed the finished project on 80 lbs craft paper with a laser printer.

For this particular project, it was important I use a laser printer instead of an ink jet because I wanted to foil my images. I used my Heidi Swapp Minc to foil each bookmark. I originally wanted the text in one foiled color, the border in another, and the Star Wars character image a different color. After a very trying attempt (they did come out pretty well though), a co-worker suggested doing everything in one color. As much as I wanted to do it my way, one color made more sense and was SO much easier and quicker.  After all, I needed to make 25 of these bookmarks! And they came out awesome.

After everything was foiled, I cut the individual bookmarks out with my Scan and Cut, then used my Minc to laminate the bookmarks. Yep. The Minc foils AND laminates. I then used the Scan and Cut to cut out the finished project from the laminate sheets. I LOVE my Scan and Cut!  I just scanned my project, adjusted the margins and it cut each bookmark perfectly. This is definitely a plus for me because I’m somewhat of a perfectionist when it comes to this kind of stuff.

*Note: You may think I could have saved time if I didn’t cut each individual bookmark before laminating it, and yes, I thought the same thing. So… what I learned the hard way was that each bookmark needs it own laminated seal around it. If you don’t have that, when you go to fold it, the laminate will separate.

If you’ve every worked with laminated projects you know that it doesn’t fold well. To fix this I completed the project about a week before my son’s bday. I placed a rubber band around the top of the bookmarks near the fold, put them in a book and put the book under a couch leg for some added weight. That gave them a pretty nice fold, but they still weren’t perfectly flat… which is okay. They will be flat when you place them in the book.

I added the finished project to a goodie bag with a Star Wars pencil, an eraser, temporary tattoos, and no candy (boo!) I did NOT create the goodie bags or do anything fancy to them. I found some Star Wars Rebel ones sale at Wal-Mart (thank you clearance!). I’m a pretty crafty mom, but I can only do so much.


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