Christmas Advent Calendar

Last year I came across an advent calendar made from a muffin tin from Parents magazine. I pinned it to my Christmas Pinterest board and went about my day. I purchased the Lego Star Wars advent calendar this year and wanted a different way to present it other than the box it came in… Cut back to the muffin tin advent calendar.

The key is to purchase a muffin tin (or find one in your kitchen) that will be large enough to hold whatever gifts your will be giving. For me, that meant I needed a larger tin to hold the Lego pieces, which I found at Wal-Mart for about $10. The remaining materials needs are:

  • magnetic adhesive sheet (Quantity depends on the size of your muffin tin. 1 roll should be enough for a mini muffin tin. I needed two rolls for my project).
  • The Paper Studio’s All Seasons Three paper pack (or whatever paper you’d like to use for your background).
  • Time and patience.
  • * I used my Scan and Cut to cut my magnetic and paper circles, but it can also easily be cut by hand.
  • * I used an easel to display my calendar. If you find a muffin tin with holes at the top you could loop a ribbon through it and hang it from a wall.

Begin by cutting circles out of the magnetic adhesive sheet that will fit over the openings. I drew my circles in Scan and Cut Canvas (the design program for Scan and Cut for those of you that aren’t familiar with the program). They were 3.31 inches and then they were cut with the Scan and Cut, blade setting 7. This could have easily been done with scissors, but I am a perfectionist and wanted perfectly round circles. Since the magnetic adhesive I used came on a roll, my magnets weren’t flat so I stuck them in a book and under my ottoman for an hour or so to flatten them. 

Next cut out your circles from your patterned paper. I also used my Scan and Cut for this, blade setting 2.

Now you are ready to attach your magnets and your paper.

Once complete, you can number your circles with a marker, craft stickers, vinyl adhesive, whatever! I actually cut the numbers out of the center of the paper circles with my Scan and Cut.  I also decided I didn’t want the sticky exposed under the number cut out, so I stuck some back card beneath the numbers. (See photos for a better explanation).

And that’s it! You’re all done! This was a pretty quick project. It should have only taken a few hours to complete but I ran out of the magnetic adhesive, and the stores were already closed for the evening. After a quick run to Michaels the next morning I was able to get the finished product knocked out pretty quickly. Now the hard part was waiting until December 1st!  


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