Football Keychains

This is the first year my son has played flag football. After terrible experiences with soccer and t-ball I was a little nervous, but we have had a great season.

I wanted to do something fun (it seems I always like to do something fun) for their last game which was on Halloween, so I went with personalized football keychains. (These could also be cool party favors).

This was something that I came up with out of no where, and I had a hard time getting to the final product, but once I got there I (and most of all my son) loved it. So much that now we have entered basketball season I’ll be making these again. The fun part is that all three of my kids are currently playing basketball! Better get to work!

As you can see from my photos, this started as a drawing, grew to something I cut with my Scan and Cut and intended to assembly, but I finally found an easier way in the end. Can you tell from my other posts that I often do things the hard way? The shortest distance between two points is a straight line, unless you’re me, then you always that a detour.