Polar Bear Pride!

Basketball keychains complete! I love it when a project comes together how you originally anticipated it. I had this idea in my head and my first couple of tries just weren’t cutting it. I’m a bit of a perfectionist, but let me tell you, I’m loving the final product.

My youngest is playing basketball with the Upward Sports program (FYI: LOVE this program) and their team is the Little Polar Bears (so cute). After every game, each player is recognized by their coach for their attitude during the game and is presented a “game day star”. I think the stars are supposed to be ironed on to their uniform (none of us are totally sure, so if you’re familiar with Upward and know, let me know).  I thought the keychains I was planning could be another fun place they could show off their stars.

I don’t know what the deal was but it was impossible for me to find white star stickers! I found them in just about every color except white. I gave up after three stores and decided to make my own. Since the back panels of the bears and the star stickers were both cut from the same white cardstock, I decided to outline the stars to make them stand out. I cut them out with my Scan and Cut then used my Xyron Sticker Maker to turn them into stickers.

Last minute I decided to switch out the key ring for a metal eyelet and lanyard hook. These keychains are made from 110# cardstock which is pretty thick, but I was still worried about the hole for the keyring tearing. I thought about using those punch reinforcement labels but decided the metal eyelet was the way to go. Plus it looks pretty cool.

Below you can see my final product. After each game I’ll add whatever color star Micah receives and at the end of the season he’ll have a nice little keepsake. Go Polar Bears!



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