Coloring Challenge

I came across The Daily Marker 30 Day Coloring Challenge on Instagram a couple of weeks ago. She is offering fun giveaways and a blog hop featuring some of the best “color-ers” in the industry. The point is just to take a few minutes each day and color something. You can color anything with any medium! I missed Day 1, but joined in Day 2 with a quick sheet I printed from the internet, and colored with Sharpies on my lunch break.

For me, coloring is so relaxing. And in this crazy world who couldn’t use a few minutes to relax?

I don’t carry my Copics around with me (I don’t have that many, but my collection is slowly growing), so I’ll complete my Day 3 coloring tonight when I get home from work. I’ll be posting whatever I color over on my Instagram feed for the remainder of the challenge. Remember, this is for fun, so do just that… have fun!

Be sure to check out The Daily Marker blog for more details if you’re interested in joining the challenge. You won’t regret it!


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