It’s Here! EasyPress2 Release

It’s finally here!  If you are like me, you heard about the upcoming release of the EasyPress2 back at the beginning of August. Hard to believe it has only been about a month!

Well, I opened my email earlier today and the heavens opened up. EasyPress2 is now available for sale! Once I was done hyperventilating, I popped over to to check out the merchandise.

The new EasyPress, or EasyPress2, comes in 3 sizes. Say WHAT?! The largest size is 12×10, the perfect size for larger adult shirts, duffel bags, reverse canvas projects and more. The sky’s the limit! The next size, comes in at 9×9. This is the same size as the original EasyPress. Finally, the baby, and the smallest size measures 6×7. It’s so cute! For me, this one is great addition to the line for your on-the-go needs. This size is also perfect for smaller projects like onesies. The machines fits right within the seams of a onesie, so no more awkwardness trying to avoid those pesky seams!

The EasyPress2 heats up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, 50 degrees hotter than the original EasyPress. This is big news for those interested in sublimation. It also heats up 25% quicker than the older machine… not that 60 seconds to heat up is really that long. You will also find a USB port on the EasyPress2 for future firmware updates.

The icing on the cake is the new Raspberry color these babies come in. Isn’t it sweet! Of course, in true Cricut fashion, they have also released a Raspberry colored Explore Air 2… so you can have a matching set.

And I’m sure you’ve noticed, there are now 3 different sized EasyPress mats that match the sizes of the new machines.

So which one do you want? I know I’m counting my pennies so I can get the big mama one! Oh… and the carrying case that is scheduled to be released next year.

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