Rosettes, Rosettes, Rosettes!

We were recently commissioned to create a backdrop for a dual 1st and 60th backyard birthday party. While looking for inspiration, I found a video about rosettes on Cricut – The Official Page on Facebook and thought those famous words, “I can make that”! So we did!

Our customer gave us a color palette to work off of, so a trip to Michaels was first on my to-do list.  I lucked out and found various Craft Smith Paper Pads in coordinating colors.  I bought a couple pads in each color scheme since just one of the largest rosette requires 8 sheets of 12×12 paper to create it.

We used the Martha Stewart – Wall Rosettes design from Design Space, so I didn’t have to create the design from scratch.  I altered my  file to reflect the number, color and size of rosettes we needed and added additional scoring lines for deeper creases on each piece.

I have the Cricut Maker. This baby is a work-horse. It probably took about 6-7 hours to cut all of the pieces for 28 rosettes. I did break it up over 2 days, but my Maker powered through. Not one issue! Around hour 4 I did wish I had another machine, but that’s a discussion for another day.

Next was the folding.  There was A LOT of folding!  Instead of Netflix and chill, it was Netflix and fold. Let’s just say I’m finally caught up on the last season of Fuller House.

Child labor is a beautiful thing, and I put my niece to work for the next step. (No children were harmed in the making of these rosettes, and she actually ended up getting paid for her contribution!) Since the decor was for a dual party, we decided to make two rosette clusters, one for the 1 year old, and the other for the 60 year old. To differentiate between the two we would add vinyl numbers to the centers.

To assemble each rosette, you glue the side tabs together then curl them into a circle.  It helps to use a dinner plate to help you curl them. Then you attach the center piece. I’ve made many rosettes, and depending on the circumstances, sometimes I put the center on the front and other times the back. The center piece helps to secure the rosette together, so you definitely need to put it somewhere.  In this situation we placed it on the front since we’d added the vinyl numbers to it.

Once all 28 rosettes were complete, we split them into 2 clusters.  We attached the clusters to wooden dowels so that we were able to hang them up.

To finish off the party decor, we also created a coordinating Happy Birthday banner, and matching chair signs and cake toppers for the guests of honor.

Let me tell you, we finished this project about a week before the scoring wheel for the Maker was release. Talk about bad timing on our part! I think the scoring wheel would have made this job SO much easier! At one point I actually ended up pulling out my old school scoring board to get better folds in the rosettes. Now I know for the next time!


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