I’m Batman

I shared my first thoughts on this project a while ago. You can check it out here.

I found myself with some precious (and definitely needed) alone time and used it wisely. I have a flat canvas panel that I covered with Mod Podge and let dry. This will help my vinyl stick to the canvas. I went with this panel because it was lightweight and can be propped up on a stand or hung on a wall.

I had plenty of time to figure out the steps to complete this project… and of course it didn’t work out as planned. I set the blade on my ScanNCut too deep (at a 3), and instead of a kiss cut (cutting through the top layer of the vinyl only) I cut all the way through. ALL THE WAY THROUGH. Every single letter was cut out and stuck to my carrier sheet.

Since vinyl isn’t cheap (and I was down to my last black sheet) I had to figure out a way to make everything work. To fix this I picked everything up with my transfer sheet and did some reverse weeding. That was pretty time consuming, but luckily I had plenty on my DVR to help pass the time. After that everything else went pretty well.

Now that I know what NOT to do I think I’ll make these more often. They are pretty simple to make and who doesn’t like a personalized gift?!


Saturday Rundown

7:00 and I’m ready to crash! What did I do today?

Attended 2 basketball games, a little window shopping at Michaels (is it still window shopping if you only bought necessities and not the fun things you want?), and cut 60 card bases. Once I got in the swing of things the card bases weren’t bad, plus I had the Chiefs game in the background. #ChiefsKingdom! Having the card bases ready to go really saves time when I get in the card making zone.

Looks like it’s time to get started on my basketball keychains. I came up with some fun ideas at the game this morning and can’t wait to see if I came bring them to reality!

What I’ve been up to…

Happy New Year! I’m trying so hard to get back in the swing of things. I’m doing my best to not get sick… and I’m not winning.

I went out on a ledge and made my Christmas cards last year. I decided to do it last minute and actually had pretty good results. I’ve share a couple of them below. I was very proud of my copic coloring! I will definitely be making cards again this holiday season and most definitely will not wait until the last minute. 

I also made a few foiled prints with my Heidi Swapp Minc machine for family members as Christmas gifts. The hustle one was for my niece who is a film student. Right now hustling is a way of life for her, trying to get noticed and her name out there. The other one was created for my aunt and inspired by the Designed for Life conference we attended with my church earlier in the year. I made some other ones and of course forget to get pictures before I gave them away. One more thing I need to get better at in 2016. 

I joined a book club with a couple ladies from my church and thought it would be fun to make some bookmarks for the group. I found a great quote about smiling, (A smile is the shortest prayer of gratitude we can offer God), and would like to use that somehow. I’m not totally sure what I’m going to do, but when I figure it out I’ll be sure to share.

Until then, you stay crafty San Diego.